Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center

Our relationship with Atlanticon staff began during our implementation process on the LastWord platform in 1999. As a result of that positive experience, and the quality of work we have seen since that time, we are pleased to continue to maintain our relationship with Atlanticon. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Atlanticon continues to be a group of choice for customizations.

Virginia Hospital Center

We used the services of Atlanticon to assist with the implementation of a complex, multi-year installation of a replacement hospital information system. This installation included IDX Lastword and Radiology products, Cerner Surgical, Sunquest Laboratory, Lawson Financials and a variety of other smaller applications. We completed the project on time and made prudent use of the resources available. I highly recommend Atlanticon, and would be glad to discuss their services with any potential clients.

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital

When our hospital made the decision to begin the search for a replacement EHR, it made sense to us that selecting the best electronic record required experts. Our RFI on the vendor selection encompassed regional, national and international firms. Their staff focused approach to the vendor selection process allows for the employees that use the system to direct the selection process. Atlanticon’s full immersion in our facility was a key factor in assisting us with a successful EHR selection. The employees, the Board of Directors and the Medical Staff were all educated on and participated in the selection. We are very satisfied with the outcome and the thorough process.

Community Medical Centers

Atlanticon’s EMR experience has proven to be invaluable to our overall success—their Project Manager has demonstrated an ability to work through the complex system and operational issues based on her keen understanding of various products. I would highly recommend Atlanticon for EMR-related projects!

Adventist Health System

I have had the pleasure of working with Atlanticon consultants through two major implementations as a project manager. They are knowledgeable, efficient, and personable, and they display a dedication to the parts of the projects they work with that is outstanding. I have always found their suggestions, recommendations and overall work to be timely and practical.

Kettering Health Network

When we replaced our 15-year-old legacy system with LastWord, the Atlanticon co-project manager’s guidance and advice were invaluable. He helped us develop the project plan, establish teams, write test scripts, manage the project and prepare for go live. Our go-live was so successful that we were able to disband the control center after one week. I’d be glad to provide further details to anyone considering Atlanticon.

Appalachian Regional Healthcare System

Our PMO Director loved the tools that were provided and plans to incorporate these materials into our PMO program. It was an education on using a common sense approach to project management, regardless of project size and scope. The material was presented using real-life experiences making Atlanticon’s methodologies that much easier to grasp. We invited several key project leaders and every attendee could reflect on their own similar experiences and see how Atlanticon’s approach could guide them in future situations. One outcome that we did not expect; how our eyes were opened to the additional effort and dedication needed to successfully complete our current implementation.

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