Atlanticon represents something more than just another consulting firm.

We represent real, needed solutions — because people — and the hospitals that serve them — really matter.

What we do is so much more than helping hospitals solve their complex issues surrounding project management, implementation, and staff augmentation. We provide seamless, out-of-the-box, innovative solutions to make hospitals run smoothly and more effectively — leaving a lasting imprint on every hospital – and every life – impacted by our services. At the core of this creative, solution-based mindset is an organization founded on passion, authenticity, and a genuine care for those we serve. This commonsense but atypical approach to problem-solving allows us to move far beyond acceptable consulting to exceptional consulting.

We aren’t reinventing the wheel, we are simply reinventing the impact the wheel has to offer.

We take extraordinary pride in being a small team, knowing that real results happen when people truly care about what they do, and that genuine concern builds the framework for all we do. We find strength and unity in our unique identity, refusing to give up the defining qualities that set our company apart eighteen years ago.

Our heritage and our collaborative history, rich in experience and the understanding derived from that experience, allows us to be something different from the rest — a powerhouse of talent, expertise, and unrivaled answers to real industry problems.

We do what we do best to allow the people we serve to do what they do best…save lives.


Let’s start the conversation.

Our professional team of healthcare consultants has the experience you deserve to help you with any phase of your project — from vendor selection through final audit.  Contact us today to get a personal assesment of your organization’s needs.


Atlanticon is everywhere.

Atlanticon operates all over the United States with customers from coast to coast. Our teams have been deployed to assist healthcare organizations in all corners of our country, as you can see on this map. Where is Atlanticon? The answer is, Atlanticon is everywhere.


What we do.

Atlanticon is a privately-owned, Midwest-based company committed to providing quality healthcare IT consulting services nationwide.  In other words, we are matchmakers. You could say it’s our “special power” to pair the right consultants with the right hospitals, thereby making sure that every project we work on is properly assessed, assigned to the right consultant, and results are exceeded.

Our gift of matchmaking has served us well. Since 2000, Atlanticon has worked in over 125 healthcare networks, hospitals, and physician practices all across North America. As a team, we represent decades of experience across industry spectrums, allowing us the knowledge and practical application knowhow to address problems accurately.

We retain an exclusive focus on helping our client hospitals leverage available technology in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for their investment.  We are an independent company, capable of providing exceptional expertise and customized solutions to ensure our clients meet their short and long-term goals, every time.

Atlanticon operates all over the United States with customers from coast to coast. Our teams have been deployed to assist healthcare organizations in all corners of the country. Where is Atlanticon? The answer is…everywhere.


The Atlanticon difference.

Partnering with Atlanticon means that you are partnering with the experience of highly skilled healthcare IT consultants; trusted industry veterans.

Atlanticon functions as a team of creative problem solvers who sincerely care about you, our client. We strive to effectively identify our client’s true needs, and provide time-tested expertise—expertise founded on extensive, hands-on, real experience.

We aren’t simply providing warm bodies to fill a spot. We are proud of our well-deserved industry reputation for learning thoroughly about the needs of our clients prior to the start of a project. This careful preliminary assessment allows us to provide the right consultant and implement the correct solutions by looking at the needs and goals of each unique client.

Atlanticon has carefully refined our project methodologies for over twenty-five years and has successfully managed hundreds of healthcare IT projects of varying size and scope.

We provide you the much-needed roadmap for developing repeatable processes that can be used immediately—and then we supply the tools and experts you need to get the job done right—the first time.

While we employ the best-in-class tools of the trade, we believe that our ability to foster trusted relationships, fueled by communication and transparency, is what truly makes us the difference.  With a well-deserved reputation as out-of-the-box thinkers, we aren’t afraid to advise solutions not previously considered by our clients.

We trust that you will find our desire to work with you as an equal partner is a critical keystone for our mutual success.  We recognize that our clients continue to use our services and proudly recommend us because we are relationship-focused, well-trusted, and continually striving to maintain a collaborative relationship at all times.

Trust Atlanticon. Trust the experts.  We are your industry advantage.