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The Importance of a Team Lead Can Dictate Your Success

Team Leaders Play a Critical Role Have you ever been on a project that just seemed to fly—everyone enjoying the energy from an effective team? Or have you been in a project that seemed to flop—lack of confidence, days dragging on? Sure, we all have been in one situation or the other at one time. […]

Having a Plan in Place: Why it Can Save Your Project

Putting Your Project Plan to Work There are “good” project managers and then there are “great” project managers. How can you tell the difference? A good project manager just manages to pull out a win. You’re not sure how they do it; despite the fact they took a few shortcuts, they usually manage to cross […]

Signing EMR Vendor Contracts: What you need to know.

Contract Anxiety: a very real concern. Contracting with a new EMR vendor is a huge undertaking by any hospital, and everyone wants to get it right. That said, there is a common question that frequently comes up: what should you consider during the contracting phase? When your hospital decides to install a new EMR, the […]