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The Value Behind an EMR Process User Group

Nearly all hospitals use an Electronic Medical Record system. Simply put, they can’t function well without one. Every vital piece of information from scheduling to medications to billing is handled in that EMR. Unfortunately, not every hospital loves their EMR setup. Common complaints consist of anything from, “it’s too hard to find things” or “I […]

The Age of Technology: How to Increase Patient Face Time When Implementing Your EMR

Today’s society has succumbed to the pressures of technology. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to have a real conversation with someone, especially if they are busy texting or swiping left. The problem is all-too-prevalent, even within the healthcare IT sector. What we’re experiencing is an absence of real human connection and communication— between patients and caregivers […]

Analysts: The Missing Link in Today’s EMRs

A Lack of Analysis The news is filled with stories of EMR projects that didn’t end well. Most report that everything seemed to be going smoothly until Activation—then things fell apart.  Suddenly, there is an abundance of confusion, workflow issues, misplaced data, and unavailable reports for helping with day to day operations.  How could this […]

Correcting the Cashflow Crisis: Avoiding EMR Implementation Fallout

EMR implementations are an intense undertaking. With thousands of challenges during an EMR project, the implementation team and all departments must work diligently to understand how the new system will impact the organization. Project steps occur in order—Contracting and Setup, Current State vs Future State Analysis, Design, Build, Testing, Training and, finally, Activation. There is […]

Launching Your EMR: Preparing for the Go / No-Go Meeting

Preparing for Launch Those of us in healthcare IT are all familiar with the Go / No-Go meeting—the imperative event whereby key personnel sit around a table and give the okay to “press the big button” and proceed with activation. This is an extremely important EMR project milestone, one that will require everyone’s readiness. When […]