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How to Sign Off in Style at Your Go / No-Go Meeting

How to Plan for a Successful Go Live After many months of hard work, you turn on your new system. All goes well—patient care picks up where it left off, new registrations start flowing, bills drop, meds are charted, and you find yourself standing amidst a large group of happy colleagues. It’s the dream of […]

The Secrets for Creating a Successful Training Strategy

Is a Training Strategy Necessary? In any EMR project, the Training Phase is one of the costliest in terms of hours and manpower. Preparing to train hundreds of staff members is a daunting task. How should you begin? We recommend you begin with a thorough training strategy. Your ideas may not reflect the ideas or […]

How to Navigate Vendor Contracts Without Losing Your Mind

Contract Anxiety: a very real concern. Contracting with a new EMR vendor is a huge undertaking by any hospital, and everyone wants to get it right. That said, there is a common question that frequently comes up: what should you consider during the contracting phase? When your hospital decides to install a new EMR, the […]

Consultant vs. Contractor: Do you know the difference?

The Difference Between a Consultant and a Contractor is Real. If you are a CIO, CFO, or IT Director looking for an EHR consultant and don’t understand the two definitions, beware. If you do not understand the difference, chances are you might end up with a contractor. Simply stated, here is the difference between a […]

The Secrets to Avoiding EMR Project Phase Overlap

Let’s Talk About EMR Project Phases. Typical EMR project plans might include the following phases: planning, design, build, testing, training, and activation. Of course, there is no one size fits all rule for determining project phases. Some Project Managers will add additional phases as needed, such as “Equipment” or “Technical,” and that is perfectly normal. […]