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Consultant Search

Atlanticon provides the highest level of healthcare IT consultants anywhere in the industry. Carefully vetted and experience-backed, our consultants provide results-driven management and implementation and are capable of working closely with any team.

We add newly vetted consultants often. If you require a best-in-class consultant to assist your hospital with implementation, management, upgrades, vendor selection and/or systems support, you’ve come to the right place. With Atlanticon, you can expect inspired and experienced individuals that will serve as the connection between consistently well-executed projects and your hospital’s unremitting success.


Cerner Siemens Soarian Clinicals (CPOE, Medication) Application Analyst; PMP; Project Manager; Team Lead; Workflow Analyst 18+ years of experience healthcare informatics experience. An innovative leader, project manager, and clinical consultant. Experience includes leading customers nursing & pharmacy teams through workflow and redesign


Cerner PathNet Application Analyst; Program Manager; Team Lead Cerner PathNet Project Manager/Analyst with a focus on Gen Lab & Microbiology. Projects include AP, Blood Bank, and Outreach and have successfully migrated clients from Classic to Millennium using Bedrock. MDI, eMAR, HNAM, HNAC, & PowerChart.


Cerner Millennium Architect; Healthcare Director; IT Infrastructure Implementation; Meaningful Use; Programmer; Project Manager; Report Writer; Team Lead 25+ years of HIT experience. Superior healthcare acumen working with all levels of healthcare providers management to define needs, develop a roadmap, organize plans, and deploy solutions and/or processes designed to improve outcomes.


Cerner Millennium Application Analyst Certified Pharmacy Technician, with extensive PharmNet skills & all associated tools. Creates efficient workflows taking into account the hospital's business needs. Familiar with & able to support CareNet's Nursing Documentation as well.


Cerner PathNet, SurgiNet, FirstNet, Orders, Clinical Documentation, CPOE, RadNet, Enterprise Scheduling, HIM, & Revenue Cycle Application Analyst; Project Manager; Team Lead Manager of client relationships with all levels. Superior oversight of all implementation project activities including forecasting, project planning, reporting, project resourcing, conflict resolution, issue resolution.


Cerner Millennium CCL, MPages, MPI, EMPI, Order Management, PowerForms, PowerChart & CPOE Architect; Database Design/Integration; Programmer CCL Programmer with 20 years of experience extracting data from one system for integration to another. Wrote a variety of extracts and uploaded programs to capture legacy/Cerner Millennium transactions for future import into Cerner…


Cerner PathNet (Anatomic Pathology, Hematology, Point of Care, Chemistry, Coagulation, Urinalysis, Blood Bank, Microbiology) Application Analyst; Workflow Analyst 25+ years of clinical laboratory experience, technical, interpersonal skills. Expertise includes Instrument interface, testing, validation, troubleshooting, complaint handling, medical device integration, and quality systems regulations.


Cerner CCL, Rules & MPages Programmer; Report Writer Senior CCL Report Writer/Programmer w/over 10 yrs. exp. Expertise with data, reporting & analysis. Cerner exp. w/data models in clinical, charge services, revenue cycle, data flow and schemas. CCL, Data Warehousing, Data Mapping & Modeling, ETL, & MPages.


Cerner CCL Application Analyst Sr. CCL Programmer w/9+ yrs exp. Develop custom scripts/reports & data extracts for ETL. Discern Visual Developer, Layout Builder, Explorer. Cerner Charge Services, FirstNet, Orders, PathNet, PharmNet, PM, PowerChart, ProCure, ProFit, & SurgiNet.


CCL, DA & DA2 Programmer; Report Writer CCL Developer/Application Analyst with 5+ years of hands-on Cerner application experience. Capable in various levels of Cerner Rule/CCL programming, along with frontend and backend tools. Development and Analyst roles.


Cerner Anesthesia BMDI, MDI, Fetalink. Architect; Interface Analyst 16+ years IT experience, 13 years in healthcare IT specifically. Experience includes Cerner device integration, IT upgrades, conversions and skilled with CPOE, EMR, Orders for inpatient and outpatient ambulatory environments.


Cerner CareNet, SurgiNet, PharmNet, FirstNet Application Analyst; Support; Workflow Analyst 9 years of experience. Pharmacy Technician skills to offer insight to projects and assist with workflow design and build. Experience includes building, design, testing, resolving issues and providing application support.


Cerner CORE/Security Application Analyst 10+ years a System Analyst for Cerner Millennium covering many of the applications and servicing multiple departments. Expertise with Security and Core build.


Cerner PharmNet & ePrescribe Application Analyst; Project Manager 7+ years implementation expertise utilizing clinical background as a pharmacist to design effective workflows for new implementations as well as for optimizations post activation.


Cerner PharmNet, Oncology, & EPCS (ePrescribe Controlled Substance) Application Analyst; Project Manager; Team Lead; Tester; Workflow Analyst Pharmacy Technician, specializing in Cerner PharmNet and eRx/EPCS. Team Lead EPCS/eRx Cerner project, surpassing MU Stage 2 requirements at multiple health systems. Also experienced with Cerner Oncology implementation, CPOE & PowerPlan build/design.


Cerner CCL Report Writer 3+ years working with database tables, data modeling, & Layout Builder to produce and maintain reports. Performed numerous complex data extractions utilizing SQL to provide the requested information. Experience with Ad Hoc data extractions as well.


Cerner Patient Accounting/Revenue Cycle, & HIM Application Analyst; Trainer; Workflow Analyst 12 years of experience serving in patient financial roles such as patient financial advisor, medication reimbursement specialist, Cerner patient accounting SME (Subject Matter Expert), training/workflow analyst, and business analyst.


Cerner Patient Accounting/Revenue Cycle Healthcare Director; Healthcare Executive; Policies and Procedures; Workflow Analyst 20+ years of experience. Oversees Cerner implementations providing interim and best practices for clients. Strategist offering experience in system optimization.


Cerner PathNet, CCL, MDI, FSI Application Analyst; Report Writer 7+ years experience as Cerner Lab Application Analyst. Expertise in solution design and development, and managing project objectives and deadlines, collaborating with clients to find efficient and creative solutions to high impact design challenges.


Cerner Ambulatory (Dynamic Documentation, PowerOrders, Mpages, PowerForms) Application Analyst; Workflow Analyst 5+ years experience leading, implementing and supporting healthcare systems, clients, providers and clinical staff with Cerner implementations. Experienced in acute care and ambulatory settings as well as small and large facilities.


Cerner Revenue Cycle, Patient Accounting Application Analyst; Workflow Analyst 5+ years experience working with various clients. Expertise as Design Lead for charge services, ambulatory and revenue cycle Cerner implementations. Expertise with validation and auditing for charge capture workflows to help improve revenue cycle outcomes.


HL7; HMS Interface Analyst; Programmer; Technical Analyst Interface Developer/Programmer with strong technical & medical device integration expertise. Provides medical device integration setup, testing, and troubleshooting/support. Knowledgeable in various BMDI, MDI and EMR applications. Cerner CareAware iBus.


Cerner Millennium CCL, DA, DA2 & PowerInsight Application Analyst; Report Writer 9 years of healthcare experience in Cerner applications, data collection & analysis, build, test, and maintenance. Expertise in Cerner Command Language (CCL), PowerInsight (Data Warehouse), Discern Analytics (DA and DA2), SurgiNet, & Scheduling.


Cerner (CareNet, FirstNet, BCMA, CPOE, PowerOrders, Powerplan, PowerNote) Application Analyst; Support; Trainer 12 years of experience, certified in Cerner Millennium with expertise in clinical workflow, design, planning, and training. Assist with Gap Analysis, Proficient in Carenet, Firstnet, BCMA, Physician strategist, CPOE, PowerOrders, Powerplan, & PowerNote.


Cerner Millennium; NextGen; Siemens Business Process Improvement; Healthcare Director; Healthcare Executive Interim CIO / Senior Executive 20+ years exp. in IT, project manager, operations management, process change & development, business development, as well as service and product management functions. SMS, RPMS, Cerner, Siemens, NextGen.


Cerner Millennium PowerChart (Inpatient & Ambulatory) Support; Team Lead; Trainer; Workflow Analyst Nurse and Clinical Informatics Coordinator with strong workflow analysis, training, support, and go-live experience. Skilled in Cerner Millennium PowerChart, PowerNotes, FirstNet, and PPID using CareMobile and CareAdmin. Strong clinical background.


Cerner CPOE, FirstNet, PowerChart, PowerPlans & PNED. Application Analyst; Support; Trainer RRT with 10+ years as Training and Support Analyst. Savvy in workflow analysis, design sessions, curriculum development, classroom and 1-on-1 training, and go-live/post-live support. Cerner CPOE, FirstNet, PowerChart, PowerPlans & PNED.


Cerner Millennium Application Analyst; Support PharmNet/CPOE Consultant with 9+ years of experience in hospital and vendor environments, as well as 4 years of experience working as a Pharm Tech. Experienced with build, design, integration testing, support/go-live. Cerner PharmNet, CPOE, & PowerPlan.


PowerChart, PowerNote, CPOE, Dynamic Documentation RN; Support; Trainer; Workflow Analyst Experienced nurse with go-live/activation support, training, as well as clinical workflow analysis expertise for implementations with Siemens Soarian MAK, CPOE, & Clindoc applications. As well as Cerner Millennium McKesson Horizon application knowledge.


Cerner Ambulatory (CPOE, Dynamic Documentation, PowerChart; PowerNotes; PowerPlans), SurgiNet, FirstNet Support; Trainer; Workflow Analyst 20+ years of clinical experience and extensive expertise supporting a variety of EMR systems. Workflow and gap analysis, testing, training, support, and optimization. Assist with issue resolution during go-lives.


Cerner SurgiNet & CPOE Application Analyst; Support; Workflow Analyst 20+ years combined nursing & IT skills. Expertise in data collection for the build, help develop current & future work states. Assists with integration testing as well as several rounds of Charge Validation testing and support for go-lives.


Cerner Millennium PharmNet, ePrescribe, & PowerChart CPOE Application Analyst; Pharmacy Tech 13+ years experience working as a Pharm Tech and Consultant. Vast experience with design, build, validation and testing of formulary items within the PharmNet application. Expert builder in ClinDoc (PowerNotes, PowerForms, Orders, mPages, iView, and ESH).


Cerner, Meditech, CPSI, Medhost, Greenway Healthcare Director; Project Manager 20+ years of experience in IT & Information Security. Oversaw Physician Documentation, CPOE, BMV, Time Management, & other software application installs. Meaningful Use & HIPAA compliance knowledge.