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Is a Training Strategy Necessary?

Honestly, I could write for days about the importance of a good training strategy. Developing a strategy PRIOR to making all your training plans, is a wise step.  Is it necessary? Absolutely! Training is a very costly phase of an EMR project. Document your strategy and get it approved as early in the project as possible. This integral document will enable your executives to make necessary plans and budgets.

When Atlanticon is asked to lead a training effort, we begin with our standard Training Strategy document and adjust it for each client. Training is not an easy phase of a project, and there are many items to address.  Our training strategy was developed by Brian Beals, one of Atlanticon’s most senior PMs and Training Specialists, and has been utilized and refined over many years.

The Training Leader

As you approach your training phase, it is best to assign a Training Leader that is a veteran of training and who has exceptional organizational skills. This individual is going to be responsible for putting together the Training Strategy.

Since each hospital is vastly different, training strategy can vary. What works for one may not work for another. Keep in mind that the strategy document should cover all the things you intend to do leading up to, and during training, and should be the document that guides your training team in the development of their approach.

What to Address in your Training Strategy Document

  • Room space and location – where will you train and how much space will you need
  • What type of training – instructor based, computer based, etc.
  • How many hours of training
  • Will there need to be pre-req classes, such as Windows awareness
  • What automated tool will you use to schedule classes
  • Will you be reporting no-shows to management, and what corrective action will occur
  • Will you have a system that allows the instructor to take over the terminals
  • Are you providing enough lead time for printing your class materials
  • How will physicians and their office staff be trained
  • Will you provide access to the training domain after training
  • Will you refresh your training domain with updates if the system is still being built
  • How much starter data will you need, and can you restore it after each class
  • Will there be a competency test at the end of the class
  • What if someone does not attend training and/or does not pass the competency
  • How much time will you leave between the first training class and activation
  • Will you distribute the Production logins and passwords at the completion of class
  • Have you created job descriptions for trainers and targeted the right personality

Developing a good Strategy Document ensures your bases are covered before you embark on this critical phase of the project.  Should you wish to discuss training ideas with one of our training experts, please contact our office to arrange a call.

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