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What does Atlanticon do?

Does Atlanticon have a Mission and Vision Statement?

How was Atlanticon Formed?

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Roles and Services

What Consulting Positions Exist at Atlanticon?

In addition to project support, what client services are offered at Atlanticon?

Recruiting and Hiring

Does Atlanticon offer a Benefits Package?

Does Atlanticon Hire Subcontractors?

How does Atlanticon find consultants?

What if there is not an immediate position for me?

How quick is the hiring process?

What happens when my engagement ends?

Who is an ideal candidate for Atlanticon?

How do I apply for a job?

Does Atlanticon do background checks?

Does Atlanticon conduct a credit check?

Does Atlanticon require drug screening?

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Do I need any other shots?

Does Atlanticon perform professional reference checks?

Do I have to complete an NDA?

Will Atlanticon submit my resume to a client without my knowledge?

Does Atlanticon modify my resume?

As an employee at Atlanticon, do I need a valid driver’s license and car insurance?

Will Atlanticon sponsor me if I am not a US citizen?

Will Atlanticon hire me if I am a non-US citizen?