Highlighted Consultant

Dave Hodges

Having served as a Marine Corps officer, Dave is a recognized leader and problem-solver, able to execute project technical and implementation plans at an executive level. He is also extremely efficient at completing challenging projects at a very aggressive rate. While on assignment in Alaska, for instance, Dave managed 38 active projects equal to $58 million, all uncompromisingly completed within two years’ time. Dave is passionate about working in rural community development and federal systems scenarios (i.e. hospitals at risk) and has worked for years with the Apache and Cheyenne tribes through various American Indian federal hospital facilities from Alaska to Arizona.   He has proven himself time and time again capable of integrating healthcare IT, management techniques, and project solutions with often controversial or impoverished communities. He is talented at using his distinct skill set to empower rural communities and help them achieve better health access and quality across the country. Dave is flexible and easy to work with, able to move fully into projects and teams and committed to embracing the people, learning the culture, and identifying the actual needs of the hospital he is working with. He specializes in exercising a holistic approach. You can rely on Dave to accurately assess the “bigger issues” at hand while implementing the most effective and appropriate solutions for those issues. His “not every hospital is the same” approach has served him well, enabling him to create pronounced change within his designated areas. Though based in Florida, Dave continues to immerse himself into communities that need his rare skill set, aptitude for problem-solving, and ability to implement sustainable solutions.  
Work Summary
Dave is a respected senior executive with a distinguished track record of developing and guiding IT strategic planning, as well as leading, building, and expanding successful organizations in the healthcare market. This includes serving in senior executive positions, both as a full-time team member and as a contract consultant specializing as a solution provider–resolving distressed situations and taking on the most difficult situations facing an organization. These areas encompass Information Technology operations management, project management, process change and development, business development, and service and product management functions. Dave has managed large scale projects from inception to projects that are distressed. His area of specialty has been assisting rural and community healthcare facilities in improving their information technology team from stressed break/fix shops to becoming strategic members of the organization.