Launching Your EMR: Preparing for the Go / No-Go Meeting

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Launching Your EMR: Preparing for the Go / No-Go Meeting
June 28, 2019

Preparing for Launch
Those of us in healthcare IT are all familiar with the Go / No-Go meeting—the imperative event whereby key personnel sit around a table and give the okay to “press the big button” and proceed with activation.

This is an extremely important EMR project milestone, one that will require everyone’s readiness.

When you get the thumbs up, you’ll want confidence that each person is basing their decision on firsthand analysis. Each key personnel should have total confidence that their application, team readiness level, and all technical aspects of the activation are ready to go.

Here’s What We Suggest
• Early in the project, conduct meeting(s) to start documenting the requirements for a GO decision. The earlier these milestones are established, the easier it will be to see and avoid a No-Go on the horizon.
• Make it clear in the early stages of the project which team members will be a part of the Go / No-Go decision. Inform the team that approval will be expected in writing.
• Prepare a bound document well in advance that requires signoff from all key personnel responsible for facets of the project.
• Schedule a preliminary Go / No-Go meeting at least 30 days prior to your final meeting. Perform a verbal survey of everyone’s readiness during this meeting. Pose the question, “If you were expected to sign this today, could you?” If they respond in the negative, ask them, “What do you need to do in the next 30 days to change your answer to yes?”
• Be prepared to deal with someone who may be reluctant to sign. Will you require that they sign with conditions? What action will/can you take at this late stage?
• Conducting these meetings in a group setting gives this event the importance it deserves!

Safety First
Above all, you want to activate a system that is SAFE for all patients.
The purpose of a Go / No-Go call is to make the correct decision. If someone truly is not ready for activation, then you must be prepared to make the tough call.
Atlanticon has an exceptional amount of EMR Activation experience. If you need support while preparing to launch, we can help. Simply contact us at to get the expertise you need for successful activation.

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