Identifying & Resolving Past Mistakes

Many hospitals find themselves in the position of having large numbers of duplicate medical records. Cleaning up duplicates is required prior to considering a new EHR implementation. If you think your hospital may have a problem, and you lack the time or the resources to clean these up, let Atlanticon help.

We evaluate each hospital’s needs and chart out a plan that works for the organization. Using a wide range of data points Atlanticon will evaluate patient records to identify potential duplicates. Working with hospital leadership we will establish guidelines for safe merging of electronic records in primary and downstream systems.

The Cost Of Duplication

There is a true cost and safety risk associated with ignoring duplicate records. Here are some of the negative impacts that duplication can have on your hospital:

Patient Care

Clinicians need to solve puzzles to diagnose every patient. If they don’t have access to all available records, they are missing vital information.


If you don’t know that the patient was here before, you may repeat costly tests.

Patient Perception

When patients have to provide information a second time, their perception is that you don’t recognize/value them as a past client.

Registrar Time

When a Registrar doesn’t recognize that the patient has been here before, valuable time is wasted re-entering information instead of validating past information.

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