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About Us

Atlanticon represents something more than just another consulting firm. We represent real, needed solutions because people—and the hospitals that serve them—really matter. What we do is so much more than helping hospitals solve their complex issues surrounding project management, implementation, and staff augmentation. We provide seamless, out-of-the-box, creative solutions to make

hospitals run smoothly and more effectively leaving a lasting impression on every hospital—and every life—impacted by our services. At the core of these creative resolutions is an organization founded on passion, authenticity, and genuine care for those we serve. This common sense but atypical approach to problem-solving allows us to move far beyond acceptable consulting to exceptional consulting.

  • We are the most trusted name in healthcare IT consulting.
  • We help hospitals across the country leverage available technology to maximize organizational performance.
  • We provide exceptional expertise and customized solutions to ensure client goals are met and exceeded.

What We Do

Atlanticon is a privately-owned, Midwest-based company committed to providing quality healthcare IT consulting services nationwide. Since 2000, we have worked in over 125 healthcare networks, hospitals, and physician practices across North America.

We retain an exclusive focus on helping our client hospitals leverage available technology in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for their investment.

An independent company with decades of hands-on industry experience, Atlanticon is capable of providing experienced-backed recommendations and customized solutions to ensure our clients meet, and exceed, their goals.

Atlanticon operates all over the United States with customers from coast to coast. Our teams have been deployed to assist healthcare organizations in all corners of the country.

When it comes to revolutionizing the way hospitals think about their healthcare IT consulting options: We are the difference.

We provide world-class consulting solutions to enable the hospitals we serve to continue doing what they do best…save lives.

We take extraordinary pride in our commitment

to each other and our clients.


We know that real results happen when people truly care about what they do. That genuine concern builds the framework for all we do.

We find strength and unity in our unique identity, refusing to give up the defining qualities that set our company apart decades ago.

Our heritage and our collaborative history, rich in experience and results-driven methodology, makes us different from the rest. Atlanticon is a powerhouse of talent, expertise, and knowledge—always ready to solve complex industry problems.

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Atlanticon will work with you to define your requirements and customize a plan for you. If it is a one-time request, an occasional request or you have a pile of requests that need attention – let us start helping you today!