What is Project Coaching?

Atlanticon’s Project Coaching enables you to develop a repeatable model to deliver consistent, successful projects. We explain the importance of key deliverables, such as project scope documents, developing an effective plan, forming an effective project team, testing and training strategies and establishing a communication plan.

Atlanticon’s unique, time-tested Project Coaching is a highly-interactive, education-based consultation that empowers you to take control of your projects and improve your project delivery model.

Is Your Hospital the Right Fit for Project Coaching?

While all hospitals conduct many projects throughout the year, very few actually track the success rate of these projects. In fact, most hospitals have trouble managing their projects consistently and rarely know how many exist at any given time. The cost of failed projects is high, and not worth the risk. If you find your hospital in this situation and are in need of hands-on project coaching for a team of up to six (6) people, Atlanticon has the expertise you need to put you on the path to executing successful projects. During two-customized, client specific, coaching sessions conducted at your hospital (provided in an intimate small group session scenario), we will lead you strategically through effective project training and coaching to determine a repeatable process for your team.

How Can Project Coaching Help?

Atlanticon provides you with simple tools to track multiple complex projects. Our Project Coaching helps you identify key points of failure, increasing your project effectiveness rates. This, in turn, allows your Project Managers to gain the confidence they need to run successful projects.

Our Project Coaching focuses on why and when you should use key project management tools, using a common-sense approach and incorporating the belief that “simple” methods will be followed more consistently. We help you develop a repeatable process that can be put into place immediately.

Ultimately, our simple and unique Project Tracker uses visual cues to enable a Project Director to oversee multiple projects simultaneously while focusing on monitoring key deliverables before their due date. With Project Tracker, you will be able to pinpoint specific areas that need attention, enabling you to achieve more effective deliverables for your organization and your patients.

We explain the importance of establishing a strong Project Management foundation with:

  • Appropriate project SOW assessments
  • Developing effective plans
  • Forming an equipped project leadership team
  • Establishing effective testing and training processes
  • Incorporating a strong communication plan


Project Coaching Helps You Answer the Following:

  • How is a project defined?
  • How is project success measured?
  • What are the skills of a PM?
  • How can a PMO help us?
  • Do we need project governance?
  • What metrics are necessary?
  • How can we track multiple projects?
  • How can we keep projects on target?

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