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Complex EMR projects can be challenging. If you intend to manage yours internally, it helps to have an outside perspective for oversight and keeping the schedule on track. Project Oversight is a service provided by Atlanticon from industry veterans who have deep experience with complex internal and external issues surrounding EMR projects, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time consulting Project Manager. This service is customized to meet your needs, from providing expert, hands-on guidance for your Project Manager to externally monitoring projects for your Steering Committee.

Critical projects require thorough planning and excellent management. Most projects do well with a dedicated and competent Project Manager at the helm. We know from direct experience, however, that even the best Project Manager can become overwhelmed. Atlanticon works proactively with your Project Manager to identify and prevent pitfalls before they happen.

You Have a Budget, We Accommodate It

With Atlanticon’s Project Oversight, we work directly with you to develop a retainer schedule that is within your budget. Those monthly allotted hours can then be used for on-site visits or remote access to your Atlanticon Project Manager. Next, we develop a customized plan to lead you through your project and assign a seasoned Atlanticon Project Manager to work with you for the duration of the project.

We Lay the Foundation You Need

We will provide your Project Manager with guidelines for accomplishing each milestone. Project Oversight identifies ways to make your project more successful. We make sure you have every tool and template you need for each phase—developed, tested, and perfected over decades of successful projects—cutting hundreds of hours of time by not having to “reinvent the wheel.” We’ll never leave you feeling stranded: throughout each phase, we return for Checkup Visits and monitor how the tasks are being performed, enabling you to make appropriate adjustments as needed.

To ensure your project proceeds smoothly and safely, we implement our very own Keystone Signoff Process. This proprietary process establishes certain milestones from the very beginning that must be met to safeguard a successful phase and authorize your team’s readiness to move on to the next phase. It’s a secure checkoff process that is lacking in many projects, small and large; the Keystone Signoff Process is implemented to guarantee successful project completion.

Your Project Manager’s personal support team, evaluating topics such as:

Available When You Need It

In addition to on-site visits, your Project Manager will maintain availability for phone consultations and attendance at key meetings, per your request.

While we can’t ever fully guarantee the success of any project, Atlanticon’s Project Oversight dramatically improves the likelihood of such success. In addition, your internal Project Manager will receive excellent education and training from Atlanticon’s experts using a real-time project.

Recognizing that no other alternative is readily available for this kind of one-on-one, in-depth support, our Project Oversight was developed with a distinct purpose in mind: to equip your Project Manager with the tools, experience, and hands-on assistance needed to execute successful projects, every time.

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