The Revenue Cycle Crisis

If you discover a major breakdown in your Revenue Cycle following an EMR implementation, time is of the essence. HIM and Patient Accounting are desperately trying to figure out why bills aren’t making it out the door. Charts are backing up and suddenly you can’t seem to get a handle on it.

Unfortunately, cashflow is about to become a major issue for your hospital.

All system implementations cause a hospital to undergo changes at every level of the organization. In order to fix your cashflow issue, you need a skilled Project Manager with hands-on expertise in Revenue Cycle emergencies to pull your team together and root out the real problem areas.

Will you recognize this looming crisis in time to stop it dead in its tracks?

Workflow issues, for instance, are the most common problems in a Revenue Cycle log jam—much more so than application issues. Your billing issues could originate as early as Scheduling, during

Registration, Patient Exam Documentation, Coding—or any number of other areas. Atlanticon’s Project Managers know how to source the problems and address them quickly and correctly.

Let Atlanticon take care of the crisis for you.

At Atlanticon, we have Revenue Cycle Experts who will serve as your Project Manager. These highly-vetted consultants are capable of leading your team through Assessment, Diagnosis, and Resolution.
Each hand-selected PM starts with an elbow-to-elbow assessment of your problem. They quickly categorize the issues, establishing reports and metrics, and develop an in-depth review of your workflow. Next, they chart a custom plan of attack based on claims per category, denial windows, payor, and dollar value.

These actions take place with your team cohesively; with close involvement and participation from everyone.

We understand every step in the Revenue Cycle Process and can maneuver through workflow— regardless of the system you’re using. If you have a “cashflow crisis” looming on your horizon, you need to act quickly. One of our Revenue Cycle Project Managers can help you get your crisis under control.

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