Selecting the Right EMR Consulting Firm

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Selecting the Right EMR Consulting Firm
October 25, 2019

Each hospital is unique, and so is each consulting firm. Finding the right firm to help with your EMR, or any other IT project, is a serious matter. Most hospitals consider the price of the consultant(s), the size of the firm, the quality of the service and the integrity of the company. Do you ask the right questions to make sure you’re getting what you need?

Here are some questions to ask the firms you are considering:

  • >How long has the firm been in business?
  • >Does the firm offer an oversight resource in addition to the consultant(s)?
  • >Is the firm reasonable in their pricing?
  • >Is the firm large enough to have a depth of experience and extra support, if needed?
  • >Is the firm small enough to give you the attention you need?
  • >Does the firm have solid references?
  • >Is the firm quick to respond to your calls and are you offered an escalation path?
  • >Does the firm offer you options when you present them with challenges?
  • >Is the firm willing to tell you if they can’t help you?
  • >Does the firm have a history of repeat or long-term clients?
  • >Does the firm offer solutions or services that go above simple placement of bodies?
  • >Does the firm have a good focus on managing the engagement?

Patients place their lives in your hands, so you need to have the best EMR systems possible. Don’t shy away from demanding a firm that you feel will truly be a partner in your efforts. Simply selecting a firm based on price or the quality of one single consultant may not be the best choice. Don’t settle. Pick a firm that you feel good about. Pick a firm that is willing to take your calls and strategize about your needs. However you make your decision, make sure to do your due diligence—your patients are counting on you.


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