Twilight Document Management

Healthcare organizations are replacing EMR systems at a rapid rate. The issue of what to do with the old system and the patient data stored in it is an ever growing problem. The cost of maintenance and education of new staff on old technology is huge. Atlanticon is here to help! We have developed a simple to use document management software solution called Twilight.


Twilight is a web-based document management software system that can hold any number of decommissioned systems and millions of patient documents. This document management solution is available to work within a healthcare organizations intranet to insure protected health information is never out of your control.  Some features of Twilight Document Management system include:

  • Multiple decommissioned systems can be archived in one application
  • Common repository access reduces the required employee expertise on decommissioned systems
  • Common search features for multiple decommissioned making staff training simple
  • Integrated Security allowing Twilight security to be managed using common network security groups
  • Easy to use document selection process for completing Release of Information
  • Documents to be released are stored in individual or packaged PDF files
  • Security logging to monitor employee access to patient information


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Where to Begin

Atlanticon will evaluate document retention requirements to devise a plan for information extraction and import into Twilight.


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