Need a report or data extract, quickly?

Atlanticon can help.  Whether a report or extract that needs to completed quickly, or a large pile of requests that are causing headaches – we have a solution that will help.  Adding a consultant can be a time consuming effort that makes it difficult to get an immediate, short-term task completed quickly.  We offer a solution that enables our team to be ready whenever you need a job started and completed – fast!


Discover custom reporting at your doorstep.

Atlanticon has consultants ready to help with different vendor reports such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech using common reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, SQL, and Microsoft Report Services.  Our resources and experience have worked for many years in the healthcare industry and are second to none. We understand the requirements of working with confidential information and within tight timelines.   We are able to work with documented report requirements and can work directly with your analysts or end-users to help turn data into information by assisting with report design tasks.


Decades of Experience.

The team at Atlanticon has decades of experience finding, formatting, and moving critical information.  We can assist with extracts using tools such as Microsoft Integration Services (SSIS) and Microsoft SQL.  Data output requirements come in many different standard and custom formats.  Let us help move your bits and bytes into the format you need!


Where should you begin?

Atlanticon will work with you to define your requirements and customize a plan for you.  If it is a one-time request, an occasional request or you have a pile of requests that need attention – let us start helping you today!


Get started today. Call for more information!