Looking forward to a new EMR system?

Here’s what to do with the old one.

With new EMR system implementations at an all-time high, hospitals are left with old systems that often contain years of patient and financial information that must be retained for future use.

Whether complying with orders for the release of information or searching for a historical patient document, locating information can be costly and time consuming for several reasons:

  • Employee expertise diminishes a little every day the old system is not used
  • New employees that are tasked with finding old patient data must be trained on old systems
  • Maintaining vendor support fees for applications and equipment is an ongoing expense
  • Patient information stored in multiple outdated applications is cumbersome to locate and compile

Atlanticon can help with the decommissioning process by extracting information and assisting with long-term storage solutions.

Need data repository solutions?

Atlanticon can assist with retrieving patient documents from each decommissioned system. Information can be formatted for entry into an existing data repository system. We can also¬†work within your organization’s intranet to ensure protected health information is never lost or out of your control. ¬†Some features of these solutions include:

  • Multiple decommissioned systems can be archived into one application
  • Common repository access reduces the required employee expertise on decommissioned systems
  • Common search features for multiple decommissioned making staff training simple
  • Integrated Security can be managed using common network security groups
  • Easy to use document selection process for completing Release of Information
  • Documents to be released are stored in individual or packaged PDF files
  • Security logging to monitor employee access to patient information

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