Vendor selection is critical for your success. 

Selecting the right electronic health system vendor is a critical step for your organization’s future. Determining the partner that will best meet your hospital’s needs can be complicated and time-consuming. Our approach and processes are customized based on your hospital’s unique needs.

Before starting your search, a formal Vendor Selection Process helps you define your:

Goals and budgets

Information needs and IT strengths

Regulatory requirements

Business strategies

Knowing what you need before you begin your search will help you get on the road to a successful selection. Throughout the entire process, Atlanticon’s Selection Director guides every step and ensures the right questions are being asked.


Reaching optimal outcomes is possible.

Atlanticon works with the client to create a Vendor Scorecard for the RFI process, utilizing a pre-defined list of “must have” responses. When the vendors respond to the RFI, the Vendor Selection Committee can quickly determine which vendors will progress to the RFP phase.

The results of the RFP are calculated using weighted scoring, eliminating many vendors that simply won’t be a fit. Others will be eliminated in the demo phase on pricing. Atlanticon’s process is thorough and helps ensure the client secures the right fit.

No two hospitals are alike. Atlanticon brings you a proven process customized to your unique timeline and budget. Let our skillful approach provide the confidence that you are making the best possible decision.

A formal vendor selection process helps you…

Establish a dominant position with vendors.

Get better pricing, driven by vendor competition.

Establish respect: when a vendor has to “earn” your business, they “value” your business.

Implement the right RFI process, quickly eliminating “poor match” vendors early.

Carry the RFP responses into contracting.

Establish a strong negotiation position.

Implement a committee-driven approach involved in all areas, so that selection will be driven by the users.

Collect key data, allowing you to make an
informed decision.