We recognize your changing needs.

Healthcare is a fast-changing landscape that often results in staff shortages for day-to-day operations and intense projects. Highly specialized personnel are frequently needed to fill the gaps. To meet your hospital’s changing demands, the ability to flex with the ever-changing staffing requirements and secure the right consultant at the right time is critical. Whether facing a multi-phase implementation, a need for long-term system support, or a project that has gone off track – the skilled consultants you need are just a phone call away.

Atlanticon provides highly-skilled, professional, and experienced healthcare IT consultants capable of meeting client needs and goals. We do so by employing those with a trifecta of skills – a combination of hospital, vendor, and healthcare consulting experience – to deliver a broad spectrum of industry knowledge and expertise; invaluable
to any project your hospital may encounter.


EMR staff augmentation has many advantages.

  • Project Dedication. Aggressive timelines call for strong, knowledgeable consultants able to dedicate 100% of their focus to the project.
  • Added Value to Your Team. Our seasoned consultants will share their knowledge, experiences and best practices with your team; increasing your team’s overall skillset and self-sufficiency.
  • Client Results Executive. We dedicate a Client Results Executive to proactively monitor deliverables and ensure productivity and effectiveness of all our consultants.


Atlanticon has the answers and expertise you need.

We partner with our clients to understand their true needs and offer the most ideal consultants by looking at the

circumstances of the needs along with strengths, weaknesses, and goals of the client. We aren’t afraid to recommend solutions not previously considered by the client, such as a PRN contract for intermittent help, junior level assistance for focused tasks, or remote support to save on travel expenses. Our engagement team will translate your needs and goals, then match thoroughly vetted consultants that are best able to meet your expectations.

Whether outside your core competency, beyond the bandwidth of your current staff, or just a matter of having an extra set of hands to complete projects on schedule – our sales team is ready to help you formulate your requirements and find the consultants that best fit your needs.