Bill Arnold

President And Co-Founder

Bill is the President and Co-Founder of Atlanticon, formed in 2000, where his vision of providing a “common sense approach to projects” is embraced throughout the company.

He entered the consulting world after being a customer of consultants himself, evaluating the difference between an acceptable consulting job and a stellar one. Bill realized that: “Consultants can provide the most value when they have the perspective that comes from being a veteran of multiple successful projects.”

As a result, he requires that all Atlanticon consultants possess the experience of at least five projects from which to draw upon.

Bill’s commitment to making a difference in the healthcare world took on new meaning after his son was the victim of a near-tragedy due to a poor hospital system. As a result of this experience, Atlanticon’s personality has always reflected a drive to deliver systems that are safe as well as effective. Bill’s belief is that everyone working on the development of a hospital system, especially consultants, should ask themselves every day: “Would I be comfortable with this system if my spouse or child was a patient tomorrow?” Currently, Bill oversees the company’s direction and assists with Business Development efforts. Bill is a graduate of Wright State University with degrees in Management Science and Computer Science. He lives with his wife and sons in Germantown, Ohio.