Cindy Livezey

Vice President And Co-Founder

Cindy is Vice President and Co-Founder of Atlanticon, where she applies many years of hospital experience and a very flexible “out of the box” perspective on solutions.  Her personal vision for Atlanticon has been realized over the past several years, as she continues to ensure that Atlanticon provides exceptional customer services through unique solutions to everyday problems.  Her creative thinking drives all Atlanticon consultants to excel with creative resolutions to common issues.

Cindy has a long history of IT Leadership roles and technical/coding experience dating back to the mid-1980s.  She works daily with clients in a technical capacity, staying abreast of industry changes.  Cindy’s career began with technical support roles for Pharmacy retail stores and progressed through hospital IT assignments, and into Director roles of multi-facility organizations.

Her love for coding is evident in her work and in the many complex solutions, she has found for her numerous clients.  She presently lives with her family in Yellow Springs, Ohio.