You Need an IT Strategic Roadmap. Here’s Why.

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You Need an IT Strategic Roadmap. Here’s Why.
May 3, 2019

What’s an IT Strategic Roadmap?

Your hospital’s EHR must run smoothly, quickly, and securely.  You cannot afford to have data moving slowly, printers not working, wireless devices losing connection, or data security breaches.  In order to ensure your technology remains current and in excellent working condition, you must have a sufficient plan for keeping your department up to speed.

Atlanticon provides a “life vest” for making sure you have complete alignment among operational departments. It’s called an IT Strategic Roadmap.

Hospital IT & Management Styles

We have found that hospital IT departments typically fall under one of two management styles.

They are either:

  • -“Break/Fix” department that responds to calls as they emerge and “do their best” just to maintain systems and solve today’s problems, or
  • -“Strategic Partner” department that drives the evolution of technology and integrates it into the hospital through collaboration with other departments

Unfortunately, we’ve found that the majority of hospitals possess the former. Many small to mid-size hospitals have IT Directors that do their best; they work hard every day to “put out fires.” But, most of them find it difficult to stay abreast of current technology trends and lack the time for strategic planning.

Understanding Your IT Department’s Full Potential

Your IT department should play a key role in driving the integration of technology into your hospital’s business practices. But not all IT departments are strategically aligned.

If you want to transform your organization into one where you’re ahead of technology, then you will need to develop an IT Strategic Roadmap in which you will forecast for one, three, and five-year plans. Atlanticon specializes in paving the way for IT departments nationally by equipping and enabling them to be strong, confident, prepared leaders.

Our approach is simple and is led by a seasoned consultant with skills and experience that match a CIO’s role. It begins with a review of your systems, infrastructure, projects, and includes discussions with all department leaders. Our initial hands-on assessment enables us to come up with a unique tactical IT plan designed specifically for your hospital. By focusing on major projects, outages, and pain points within your organization, we will help you get on the right path.

What are the Benefits of an IT Strategic Roadmap?

Your roadmap will become your hospital’s strategic plan. It provides your organization with direction, identifies gaps in the system, and outlines steps you can actually follow. Your customized roadmap will prioritize the steps you need to take based on your strategic vision and resources available.

Atlanticon’s approach is simple and is led by a seasoned CIO.  It begins with an in-depth review of your current systems, infrastructure, and projects followed by discussions with all department leaders.  This initial assessment enables us to quickly come up with a 30/60/90-day Tactical IT Plan for your team that focuses on the major projects, outages, and pain points your organization may be dealing with immediately. The Tactical Plan then enables us to “get the lay of the land” while you begin targeting urgent initiatives.

The 30/60/90-day Tactical IT Plan gives your IT department an immediate course of direction and sets detailed steps in place to be repeated every 30 days, i.e., re-evaluating where you currently are and what needs to happen moving forward. We will provide a block diagram that shows the immediate items and the priority in which they should be addressed, all clearly explained for the convenience of your team.

We will then review and assess dozens of key factors with your IT Director, such as:

  • -Planned Acquisitions
  • -Upgrades / Changes to your EHR
  • -Regulatory Requirements
  • -Security and Cybersecurity
  • -Infrastructure Quality and Reliability
  • -Metrics of Quality
  • -Vendor Partnerships
  • -Strength of your IT Department
  • -Key Reports
  • -Equipment Replacement and Maintenance Plans
  • -Service Level Agreements
  • -Help Desk Performance
  • -Business Continuity Plan
  • -Disaster Plan / Data Recovery
  • -Software End-of-Life

Atlanticon will provide you with a Transition Report that will address what technology is working in your favor and what needs immediate attention. Our process typically takes 60-90 days and will help you transition your IT department into the strategic leaders they need to be in today’s fast-changing, technology environment.

Strategy Without Execution is Useless

Don’t respond to problems as they develop. Save money. Avoid mistakes. Plan ahead.

Partnering with Atlanticon can solve this all-too-real problem. Let Atlanticon help you develop your custom IT Strategic Roadmap and then show you how to successfully execute it.

Our time-tested, trusted process built over decades of experience working with hospitals across the country are just a few of the reasons we’ve earned our esteemed reputation as the industry’s most respected healthcare IT consultants.

Our customized plan will provide your team with the focus and direction you are looking for and keep you working towards your specific plan with clear objectives. You’ll be able to plan ahead for future projects and, more importantly, keep your costs in line.

If you’re tired of constantly chasing technology, let Atlanticon help you regain control. Contact us at to see what we can do.

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